Social Events

Within the Digital context, we explore the works of creative artists, to see how they can be

relevant to us in the 21st Century, and how they can inspire us to be more creative.

In our workshops, we engage with existing material chosen by each member, related to

issues and concerns that confront us in 21st Century (this could include plays,

words, videos, articles, music, images, poems etc).


Then we discuss amongst ourselves, and from this, we work collaboratively to develop

our creative skills- acting, voice recording, filming, writing, digital awareness, music, painting etc.

Open to people who are keen to share their love for the arts, who are open to exploring

new ideas and practices, and who also want to develop themselves as creative people.

About the Meetups

We hold workshops fortnightly on Sundays, in Birmingham,

and there is a charge of £6.00 to cover the cost of the room hire etc.

Membership of MeetUp  is free., click here to take part.

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