Our Services

We believe in the Arts; what they can do to develop us,

to educate us, and to keep us (somewhat!) sane.

Our journey to date has been one of exploration and development. 

Core to everything we do is the belief that Creative development

can make a difference to each person. 


With with our students, we explore how Arts and Technology 

can help develop ourselves in the 21st Century.

Our approach helps us to look at the world around us, to help us understand

just what being alive in the 21st Century is all about:-

creating and experimenting with different forms of Arts

developing the work of artists and other creatives

creating new works based on techniques of devising

workshopping different ways of expressing & developing ourselves 

working to help develop our understanding of well-being

We work collaboratively in our sessions,

sharing our life experience and skills:-

previous experience is always welcome but not essential

interest in exploration, creation, and expression

we aim to involve as many people as possible

We involve ourselves in work that challenges, stimulates and engages us:-

through our own efforts, we want to discover what makes for good creativity

we work to exploit the exciting potential that this digital age offers us

we seek to work against the conventions of naturalistic Arts.

  ZOOM Live! Sessions & Recorded Podcasts/Videos 

Enjoying Literature

developing ourselves by embracing and understanding Literature


Reading Plays

Reading Poetry/Lyrics

Understanding Shakespeare


Creative Writing

developing ourselves through the power of Creative Writing


Expressive Writing

Blank Page Creative Writing

Our Stories

Creating a Monologues

Flash Fiction



developing ourselves by using techniques developed in Theatre


Words Out Loud

Introduction to Theatre


Community Engagement

developing ourselves through greater participation in our community


Living History




  Physical Workshops 

Creating New Theatre

To help develop ourselves by using techniques developed in Theatre.


Best of Three

Barefaced Nights

From Zero to Theatre

Understanding Theatre

Developing Theatre Skills

New Theatre Initiative Workshops

Speaking not Speeching Shakespeare

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