Our Work

We believe in the Arts; what they can do to develop us, to educate us,

and to keep us (somewhat!) sane.

Our journey to date has been one of exploration and development. 

Core to everything we do is the belief that Creative development

can make a difference to each person. 

We also believe that focusing on the power of our imagination

we can transform our lives.


Our approach helps us to look at the world around us, to help us understand

just what being alive in the 21st Century is all about:-


creating and experimenting with different forms of Arts

developing the work of Shakespeare and other creatives

creating new works based on techniques of devising

workshopping different ways of expressing & developing ourselves 

working to help develop our understanding of well-being

We are a collective who have come together to work in a way we want to:-


previous experience is welcome but not essential

the only requirement is a strong interest in exploration, creation, and expression

we want to involve as many people as possible

And we involve ourselves in work that challenges, stimulates and engages us:-

through our own efforts, we want to discover what makes for good creativity

we work to exploit the exciting potential that this digital age offers us

we seek to work against the conventions of naturalistic Arts.

Current Projects

Return to the Schoolyard 

A series of Workshops exploring what would happen if we

could go backto the Schoolyard . . .

Starting with a set of images and sounds, we want to create

a piece that encourages us to be digitally creative.

We want it to be a journey of discovery - the best things usually are.


Full Fathom Five

A reworking of The Tempest by William Shakespeare.

Turning Shakespeare's play into a doable piece of Radio Theatre.

Previous Projects

The Other Side

St. Paul’s Church & Birmingham & Midland Institute 2017


A Play for Today, told by the Voices of Yesterday.

Fascinating stories . . . from both then and now, Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter

. . . brought back to life. A site-specific, script-in-hand, play for Voices,

created and performed by the Theatre Birmingham Collaboration.


Orpheus in Blue

St.Paul's Church 2016

The Orpheus myth, reconstructed by the Actor/Devisors.

Telling the story of 21st Century lives set in Birmingham 2016. 

Making the myth a reality of today's world.


The Nativity 2015 

St.Paul's Church 2015

Nine actors came together to tell the story of Christmas

in the Jewellery Quarter - and Nazareth.

Not only the traditional story but as well a story of our own Christmas.

in 2015. Using the English Mystery plays as the basis, the script played

with contemporary writing, with even a few Shakespeare-style speeches.


A truly innovative take on Christmas.


A Quarter Full

theWorkshop 2014

This was our second piece of straight devised Theatre,

and told the back stories of 7 characters who lived in the Jewellery Quarter.

The pieces were devised by the performers.


Old Joint Stock Theatre 2013

This was our first piece of straight devised Theatre,

and was premiered in the Birmingham Fest 2013.

5 Actor/Devisors created and told the stories of 5 Birmingham

people eating their lunch in St.Philip's Churchyard,

and the backstories of their lives.


Kicking Off

Old Joint Stock Theatre 2012

This was our first piece of Theatre inspired by the city we work and play in.

It's now and it's here - what happened in Birmingham in 2011.

A look at how the Riots affected each and everyone of us, in some shape or form

- and what might happen if they were to kick-off again.

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