Our Communities

Our Approach

We believe in what the Arts can do to help develop us, to educate us.

Our journey to date has been one of exploration and development. 

Core to everything we do is the belief that the Arts can make a difference to each person; 

they can help us look at the world around us, to help us understand

just what being alive in the 21st Century is all about.


And that is why we direct all our efforts to the benefit of the Communities:- 


creating new expressions based on participants' stories

using workshops to help people engage 

working to help develop our understanding of mental well being

understanding today's Birmingham by exploring its past

building links with communities


Communities we have worked with . . . 

Dolphin Women's Centre


The Dolphin Women's Centre seeks to help the local women of East Birmingham: -

"A community where children and young people are able to fulfil their potential 

and where parents and guardians are enabled to support their families."


In 2018 the Workers' Educational Association (WEA) asked us

to run 3 courses to help women express themselves

and to gain more self-confidence and awareness.

Express Yourself: Our Christmas

Dolphin Women's Centre December 2018

This course runs for 3 weeks, and we will devise a piece for 

performance that draws on the students'

memories, hopes, and feelings 

about Christmas.

Creating Theatre: Our Park

Dolphin Women's Centre September to October 2018

Building on the positiveness of the previous sessions, this time we went into

the surrounding park to discover for ourselves what the park was all about. From the material

we gathered, a script was prepared, and it was performed in front of an enthusiastic audience.

Introduction to Theatre & Drama

Dolphin Women's Centre May to July 2018

A 10-week course giving attendees an opportunity to learn what  Theatre is all about. 

During that time the students found themselves reading scripts,

devising short pieces about their lives, and rehearsing and

performing a small piece called "Bread & Roses".

St.Paul's Church


St.Paul's Church is in the heart of Birmingham and has been for over 200 years.

In its parish are examples of the industries that made Birmingham what it was and is.

It prides itself on being an open church that opens its doors to all.


We have worked with St.Paul's for over 5 years, and during that time we have 

devised and created Theatre for people with both Theatre and non-Theatre experience: -​

The Other Side

St. Paul’s Church & Birmingham & Midland Institute 2017

A Play for Today, told by the Voices of Yesterday

Fascinating stories . . . from both then and now, Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter

. . . brought back to life. A site-specific, script-in-hand, play for Voices,

created and performed by the Theatre Birmingham Collaboration.


Orpheus in Blue

St.Paul's Church 2016

The Orpheus myth, reconstructed by the Actor/Devisors.

Telling the story of 21st Century lives set in Birmingham 2016. 

Making the myth a reality of today's world.


The Nativity 2015 

St.Paul's Church 2015

Nine actors came together to tell the story of Christmas

in the Jewellery Quarter - and Nazareth. Not only the traditional

story but as well a story of our own Christmas. In 2015. Using the English

Mystery plays as the basis, the script played with contemporary writing,

with even a few Shakespeare-style speeches.

A truly innovative take on Christmas.


A Quarter Full

theWorkshop 2014

This was our second piece of straight devised Theatre,

and told the back stories of 7 characters

who lived in the Jewellery Quarter.

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